Coin Pattern Flooring 8ft' 6" wide

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Coin Pattern flooring is a high quality vinyl flooring designed for easy installation and maintenance and perfect for both residential and commercial applications.
  • This waterproof flooring can be used to cover old floors or used to prevent future damage.
  • It is so easy to install, just roll out and trim if needed.
  • Mats can be joined together for a full wall to wall installation. 
  • It is resistant to common chemicals, so you no longer have to worry about oil leaks or road salt, just quickly wipe up with a damp mop or mild detergent or vinyl floor cleaner for a deeper clean.
  • The Coin Texture offers a slightly raised surface, which work as small grips, perfect for traction and slip resistance. Not
  • This low-profile coin pattern features raised circles that are 1.25in in diameter with a 0.030in relief, spaced 0.25in apart